Selling D.Gray-man Doujinshi & Pins

Hi! I'm selling the doujinshi me and my friend made plus the pins I designed. They're originally sold in J-VO 2008 on July 4th-7th 2008 in Jakarta, Indonesia, but we still have some of them left, so we want to sell them online. :-P

P.S. Let me know where you're from before ordering so I can calculate the S&H to your country! We accept concealed cash (at your own risk), International Money Order (must be eligible in Indonesia), and PayPal (preferred method).

Here's some infos about the doujin:

Fandom: D.Gray-man
Title: “Raison d’
Circle: ailes grises
Size: A5
Pages: 36 pages
Genres: Comedy (manga) and slight angst/introspective (fanfiction)
Price: US$5/book (S&H not included)
Summary: Allen is asked by Lenalee to find out what's behind Lavi's eyepatch; but with his reluctance and bad luck, can Allen really pull it off? Also, a look into Kanda's past as he thrives to survive in an AKUMA-infested place he used to call home...
Notes: The book consists of 14 pages of manga, 11 pages of fanfiction (with 2 pages of illustration), 2 pages of 4-koma manga, and miscellaneous pages (foreword, closing, etc).
Sample Images:

In addition, here's some infos about the pins:

Type: Doff (not glossy)
Size: 5,8 cm
Designs: Allen, Lavi, Kanda, Timcanpy, Rose Cross
Notes: the areas outside the first circle aren't printed, those are just extra areas for the pin-making.
Price: US$7/3 pieces (minimum order), US$10/5 pieces, if you buy one design each, I'll give you an extra something. :-P
Sample Images:

Thanks in advance for your attention and orders! #^o^#

British Council's Blogging Competition_2nd Round!


It's time for the 2nd Round of British Council's Blogging Competition! The theme for the 2nd round is "Knowledge Economy". Not that you can have too knowledgable of an economy if you're a mushroom, but we'll see what those super beings called humans have in store. ;-)

For those who are curious about what "Knowledge Economy" is, please go to this site:



The British Council's Blogging Competition

So this mushroom went to British Council's page one fine evening and found out that there was a blogging competition going on. One can see that this mushroom is no active blogger, so why did she decide to join?
... Because she loves competition, of course! XD And even mushrooms want to have their opinions heard by te higher forms of life. :-P

And so from today on, this dusty blog of this mushroom will be used as a media for speculative essays, intellectual articles, and perhaps some heart-wrenching snapshots...

... or not. Whatever. Let's get the competition going! \^-^/





First Day After Holiday

Once upon a time, there lived a polkadot mushroom. This Polkadot mushroom loved to play with her PC and very oftenly surfed the net. Today, the mushroom went to her LJ and was going to post another entry in her much-vacant journal. She thought about writing her not-so-fancy day at her school just now. Yes, mushrooms do go to schools - In fact, the very creatures learnt what every human learnt, including Economics...

Unfortunately, our mushroom here wasn't so eager about E-cons and its fungi (read: branches). And it seemed that the Mushroom Teachers weren't too fond of her too, for she just found out that she got 54 out of 100 for her Mushroom Capital Market subject. She was sure she could do it, but it seemed like Spore Fate disagreed with her... -_-;
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First Entry

So... I actually customized my LJ and even posted an entry... Eventhough I didn't bother doing it for the past... uh, year? n_n; Well, anyway, welcome to my LJ and make yourself at home. :-)

Anyway, Kairei-chan is a polkadot mushroom who resides in a tiny village of Mushroomville. She is an undergraduate student of Economics in Fungi University who's currently struggling with her complicated thesis. ,>_<, Tis mushroom will rarely update her journal; but when she does, she will usually tell about her experiences in her tiny world. Please look forward to it! n_~*
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